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Babies Count National Registry of Early Childhood Vision Impairment

Babies Count is a national registry project which collects data on infants and toddlers with visual impairment, birth to three years of age.

Families are able to choose what information they share with Babies Count National Registry Project. The child’s name is never submitted on the form.  The form is coded by BBF to protect the privacy of the child and the family.  The data is submitted to the American Printing House for the Blind.  The data is then analyzed on a state and national level.  No previous national registry has ever existed.

Goals of the Babies Count National Registry

The goals of the Registry Project are:

  • To clarify and refine early identification and referral procedures
  • To provide consistent and realistic data of the number and location of children with visual impairment-related needs
  • To analyze types and trends in visual diagnoses
  • To define related preventative and remedial medical issues
  • To outline teaching and learning needs of service providers
  • To identify personnel numbers and needs for appropriate training initiatives
  • To promote additional advocacy and research efforts
  • To validate funding requests for additional related program
  • To determine equipment, materials, and supplies most appropriate to serve children with visual impairments

For more information regarding BBF’s participation in the Babies Count National Registry, please contact Gail Calvello, Program Co-Director and Outreach Coordinator:  (707) 762-8844

For more information on the Babies Count Project in general, visit the website at American Printinghouse for the Blind: Babies Count Registry-APH

Natural Environments Position Paper

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Essential Elements in Early Intervention

Congratulations to BBF PAC Member Deborah Chen, Ph.D. on her recent AFB Press publication, the second edition of Essential Elements in Early Intervention Visual Impairment and Multiple Disabilities!



Essential Elements in Early Intervention Visual Impairment and Multiple Disabilities, Second Edition

Essential Elements in Early Intervention is a complete sourcebook and guide for early interventionists, teachers of students with visual impairments, and other professionals who work with young children with visual impairments, dual sensory impairments, and multiple disabilities. It includes comprehensive information on vision and hearing examinations, functional vision and hearing assessments, and effective methods of providing early intervention services. The new edition includes expanded, updated information on federal special education legislation, best practices in early intervention, evidence-based outcomes, and the role of the early interventionist, as well as strategies for working with families and educational teams successfully.

This resource is available online from AFB Press or from Amazon.

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